MovePro was passed down to Brandon and Nicole Underwood from Nicole's father. MovePro was a mostly word of mouth business, and with new ownership, they wanted to update the reputation of the company. There was an existing logo, but no website or business cards. We wanted to knock this rebrand out of the park and introduce the new MovePro to Fort Wayne, IN where they are based. Brandon and Nicole want to eventually add small businesses to the umbrella company Underwood Enterprises so I had to keep this in mind while designing their branding.


Challenges: Distance. The owners of MovePro live in Fort Wayne, IN. This proved to be difficult at times when waiting to proceed to the next stage of the design process. We were unable to meet in person so everything was communicated virtually. They were very good at getting back to me with any revisions or additional material they needed.

Goals: To rebrand MovePro to attract new business, expand on services offered and launch a website - something they have never had. With the design and launch of the website, it needed to portray the fact they were family-owned, but also that they were open to travelling for long-distance moves. Brandon and Nicole are new business owners and want to hit the ground running. So, we did just that.

Unique Solutions: Brandon and Nicole are eventually wanting to add more companies under their umbrella company Underwood Enterprises. We incorporated one of those soon to be companies under the services tab on MovePro's website.

MovePro Fort Wayne Brand Identity

We landed on a simple yet clean and modern design for the logo. While keeping the orange from the original branding I created a logo using the letter "E" as what would be the universal symbol. This same "E" will be used for their umbrella company, as well as, future smaller companies they add on.