G Michael Salon has a reputation of being voted the top salon in Indianapolis, IN. They have been listed in the top 200 salons in the country. With this in mind, I wanted to reflect that standard of excellence in the redesign of their website. Furthermore, their current website only briefly mentioned the great stylists who are responsible for the prestige G Michael Salon has earned. I wanted to feature the stylists and incoporate a short biography. Greg and Joe the owners of G Michael Salon pride themselves on matching each guest with a stylist they believe will also match that guest's personality. I wanted to keep a modern and clean look to the website as that is how the salon has been designed.


Challenges: The original site was made to look like an antiquated Vogue magazine. I needed to update the uniqueness of the site to reflect that of the 21st century. Greg had a lot of involvement in the previous website design, and it was a challenge rebranding the feel of the website while keeping his desire for uniqueness.

Goals: The objective was for current and future guests to feel welcomed from the moment they entered the site. It is important that each guest matches perfectly with one of the stylists. This was facilitated by the addition of each stylist's personal background, interests, and training. G Michael Salon strives to stay ahead of the trend so this design needed to also do just that - keep the highly-rated reputation.

Unique Solutions: Greg and Joe wanted to bring in more of the industrial textures to the website design. They wanted to stay away from looking too much like a spa. Thus, I modified the original color palette of the design and gave the site an ever so slightly more industrial touch.

G Michael Salon Final Website Design

Individual pages for each stylists

The previous website had individual pages, but they only featured photos of hair they had done. There were no details in regards to their specialities, specific training, favorite products or information on their backgrounds. G Michael Salon bases their levels off of the amount of time the stylist has been in their salon and not how long they have been doing hair. I wanted current and future clients to be able to read about the experience each of the stylists brings to the table. I felt these aspects were important to have so that current and future clients have a chance to get to know more about the stylist they choose to see.


Services offered in the salon with associated pricing

Clients were giving a lot of feedback to employees of the salon that the services page was hard to understand, and pricing was a little confusing. I decided to clean the services page up by just listing everything the salon offered but categorizing each item to narrow the search time down. Instead of listing pricing for each length of hair I simply wrote in the starting price. This way clients know the minimum they will pay per service. When scheduling appointments they are then able to see what level each stylist is at, and their individual pricing per service.


Meet the team page showing all of the stylists at G Michael Salon

This was an important page for the new website due to the fact before you had to scroll and scroll to see each stylist. With this page, they can quickly and clearly see which stylists are at each level, and then from there, they are able to click on their name to open up their individual page. This way of viewing is much easier than having to continuously scroll through 19 intros with relatively bigger photos making the page extremely long.